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Adopt a Proven Availability Program

A Refined Process With 10 Easy Steps

Availability Program Training For MSP’s


Touchstone Disaster Recovery offers fully online, cutting edge training for MSP providers who want to partner in building a proven availability program in 10 easy steps.  If you’re considering adding Availability to your services, we can help you get started with a proven process that we’ve already tested for you!


Consider the Benefits of Offering Availability to Your Clients:


  • The opportunity to introduce a change control program that touches all IT services and technology.
  • The opportunity to have a business conversation with business owners, not just your typical IT folks.
  • A chance to engage in deep discussions of Business Processes and all of the supporting applications, services and infrastructure.
  • The opportunity to offer some of your core expertise, services and technologies to the client without having to do a hard sell.
  • The opportunity to help a client integrate all procedures – restore, cyber response, failover – in a common format and platform.
  • The opportunity to touch all aspects of a client’s business – IT, HR, Legal, etc.
  • Planning and execution provides early insights into new service and technology opportunities.


Our Easily Adoptable Program Covers All Aspects of Availability as Follows:

Business Impact

Operational, regulatory, and financial impacts of downtime (per hour/minute) are determined. Business process and supporting applications are typically tiered into levels of criticality during the BIA.

The benefit of BIA = impact of downtime determined including its effects on customer service, operations, regulatory/legal, and financial. Financials are often used to offset technology investments.

Application Dependency Mapping

Application Dependency Mapping services (ADM) solve the issue of being able to move workload around as needed, increasing application availability and mitigating disaster before it happens.  The benefits of ADM include the provision of application dependency, supporting infrastructure and a baseline asset repository – system of record. 


Availability Strategy, based on ATO/APO input from the BIA (Business Impact Analysis), and inherent technology capabilities (often the technology provides a specific ATO/APO, e.g. Zerto provides a 10-minute ATO).

To meet the required ATO/APO, an Availability Strategy is determined. Unique to our process is ensuring SaaS and Cloud Providers’ ATO/APO and SLA’s match business requirements.


Availability Procedures provide a step-by-step guide for restoring business applications and infastructures, and place the focus on automation and orchestration.

Triggers are added to assist with determining when an incident becomes a larger scale event. Procedures and runbooks are prepared or updated. Availability (e.g. failover, move of an application) are added. Ultimately, runbooks should be automated.

Availability & Incident

Incident Response (response to a day-day technology incident) is the process the Information Technology team follows to restore a critical application and/or related infrastructure (server, network, etc.).

Availability and incident plans benefit organizations by providing a step-by-step guide to restoring applications and infastructure.

Business Continuity & Availability Test Program

This program is critical because it includes technology testing, procedure walkthrough, and tabletop testing which increase application availability and focuses on prevention of disaster.

The ability to measure and compare the Availability Time Achieved (ATA) against the important ATO is a critical part of the availability process.

How it Works:

Touchstone Disaster Recovery provides a unique opportunity for Managed Service Providers to develop a partnership Availability Program by offering a month-to-month training subscription with hands-on assistance, provider support, and monthly coaching.


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